Thursday, November 22, 2012

New Holiday Collections on Sale this Weekend

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

I've never been one to rush out to stores at midnight for great Black Friday deals, especially directly after eating an absurd amount of turkey. If you're like me, I've got great news for you--there's no need to wake up early and beat the crowds to get our super deals! Shop online in the comfort of your own sweatpants and get 20% off our holiday collections, including our brand new items!

Our "A Year in Seasons" 2013 Desktop Calendar is illustrated by Julia Kuo and designed by Phyllis Sa. Each panel doubles as a miniature art print and connects to form an entire scene, so simply flip the panel over to display any time of the year. You really have to see it in person to appreciate all the tiny details throughout this calendar/art piece.

Fun fact: Abraham Lincoln makes an appearance in July!

Our 'Retro Memories' Card Collection is designed by Phyllis Sa and illustrated by Julia Kuo (with a bit of help from me and Claire!). We've always had a soft spot for retro illustrations and thought it would be fun to create a modern collection with a retro twist. We collected a few inspiration images on Pinterest, which you can view here.

Fun Fact: The 'Frosty Noses' and 'Home for the Holidays' cards have touches of silver foil!

Our "Enchanted Wilderness" Collection is art directed by Claire Teschel Konishi and illustrated by yours truly. Woodland creatures are some of my favorite things to illustrate so this project was a joy to work on. It might not be a big surprise to you that one of my all-time favorite movies (and books) is "Fantastic Mr. Fox."

Fun Fact: "Where the Treetops Glisten" has touches of silver foil!

We hope you enjoyed learning more about our new products, and hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend even more!