Monday, November 22, 2010

Factory production up 100%!

Hello! We plan to use this blog to give you a peek at what's new at the Nimbus Factory, what we are inspired by, and what our process is like.

This week, we're sharing some photos of our work in process. It's been exciting to hold our designs in our hands after staring at them on the screen for so many months! Since the four of us hail from three states, we've got Nimbus Factory production going on across the country. Our studios in San Diego, Savannah, and Cleveland have been littered with colorful ribbon, tons of kraft sticker labels, and of course..snacks!

In San Diego, Phyllis prints our beautifully designed labels on kraft stickers and inks them with our custom Nimbus stamp! All our labels and products are printed and stamped here, then shipped out to Savannah and Cleveland.

Claire and her dog Gann photograph our products in Savannah for our online catalog and press kit!

Cleveland is the assembly and shipping factory - it's all about ribbon, plastic sleeves, and making sure everything is ready to go. Sometimes we are visited by kind helpers =) Not pictured: lots of kettle corn, key lime pie, and Transylvanian wine!
Don't forget to check back with us on the 26th - we can't wait!


  1. The site and design line all looks great, awesome job and congrats to everyone at nimbus!

  2. I spotted this great post on a short story designt about The Nimbus Company.
    I wanted to also said something about your great work! so I linked it to my blog :)

    Best Wishes!!!