Monday, December 13, 2010

write-up round up!

we've been busy bees here at the nimbus factory getting ready for our very first holiday renegade show, but in the meantime we want to thank the very kind people around the web who have written such complimentary things about our products!

bonnie of going home to roost, an absolutely beautiful visual feast of a blog by the way ;), highlighted our year round wall calendar -- a personal TNF favorite :)! read more here.

naomi over at woodland papercuts had only the kindest things to say about our new product line! read more here and check out her equally lovely products here -- i'm already imagining framing some of those beautiful birdies on my baby's nursery wall!

nicolle over at sacred lotus features another one of our store favs -- the arctic animal holiday gift wrap! check it out here.


  1. Hi! Thank you so much for plugging my blog! I didn't even think a small, personal blog like my own deserved a mention. And to think you like my papercuts!

    Your work is awesome and that's why I wrote about you, no lie. Your products have that special charm to them that makes you go I WANT! when you see them. The craving jus intensified when I browsed your site. All the best to you!

  2. aw it's no problem and again, we're pretty thrilled that you wrote about us at all! it's really great to get notice from folks, and even better when it's from folks that are already super talented :). thanks again!!