Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Product Giveaways starting December 1st!

In honor of our new line of holiday and everyday products, we're going to give you a chance to
win a different new product each day 
from December 1st until December 6th!

New products include:

Mythical Creatures Holiday Card Set

Spread some holiday cheer with this limited edition, metallic printed holiday card set,
featuring 12 mythical creatures with seasonal greetings!

Creatures include:
Dracula | Dragon | Elf | Faun | Hydra | Jack Frost | Kraken
Mermaid | Nymph | Sphinx | Unicorn | Yeti

Each boxed set includes (12) 4"x6" metallic printed cards
with bright red interiors and matching red envelopes.

Everyday Occasions Card Collection

This set of punchy, geometric cards are fitting for a friendly hi.

Set of (4) 5 x 5" cards with white envelopes

Flights of Fancy Notecard Set

Each notecard in this set has a friendly greeting to pass along to your closest pals!

Set of (5) double-sided notecards with A2 spearmint envelopes

Fantastic Beasts Birthday & Event Calendar

Record your most important events and special dates in this mythologically themed perpetual calendar, featuring fantastic beasts of myth and legend!

Includes (1) 6"x17" 12 panel hanging calendar

Flights of Fancy Journals

Our Flights of Fancy journals come in 4 unique themes with piggies, orcas, elephants, and tigers each hopping from the clouds above!

Each journal is 5.8" x 8.3"and perfectbound with 96 artfully designed pages for you to record your daydreams and doodles.

Sweet Jams Tote

Store all your favorite groceries in this eco-friendly tote, including your PB and JAM.
Measures 14" x 13" x 4"

Cloud Creatures Tote
This beautifully illustrated tote features an assortment of creatures floating in our signature nimbus clouds above. 
Measures 17” x 14.5”

Keep an eye out this Thursday for a chance to win! We're so happy to share our products with you!

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