Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Heart Shaped World Part 1

So Valentine's day is in the air, and we all know that we love our heart-shaped foods. This year, I'm trying to cut down. You know, I'm watching my womanly figure. So I'm going to pick one edible heart-shaped item and enjoy it wholeheartedly. The question is ... what shall it be?

First on the list to consider are heart-shaped cookies, chocolates, and donuts. They're just so yummy and cakey!

But suppose this year I want more than just the typical heart-shaped fare. I want complicated things! Like heart-shaped macaroons with raspberries stuffed in the filling, powdered sugar heart sandwiches with jammy filling, and heart-shaped pancakes!

On second thought, I think I'm more of a savory person. Shall I have an egg fried in a lovely heart shape? Millions of tiny heart-shaped pasta? Or hopefully not-so-burnt toast cut out to the shape of a heart?

I've found it! This is it - my one heart shaped food pick for the year. It's a pizza. Yes, an entire heart-shaped pizza. It's so beautiful.

1 comment:

  1. Oh my god. Pizza...in a heart! I'm totally sold. I'm doing this for Valentine's day!